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St Augustine boho elopement

& small weddings


Elopements aren't about running away to vegas or the courthouse anymore. They can be anything from an intimate exchange of vows on the mountain cliff at sunset to a small backyard micro-wedding with just your closest friends and family. Since the pandemic elopements have increased tremendously in popularity and couples are choosing to spend more on adventures rather than their $10k venue. Honestly, I had a big expensive wedding at a popular venue but if I could do it over again I'd have a smaller affair in a beautiful location with my closest friends and family and spend the rest of the money we saved on an epic trip.

Worried about not inviting people to be a part of your day? Hire a good photographer and videographer to capture every moment. Many offer live streaming services so that no one actually misses the most important parts. Keep reading for more tips on nailing your nutuals.

Myths vs Truths

#1 Elopements are just for 2 people

#2 Elopements are not legally binding

#3 You don't need a planner for a small wedding

#1 You could make the arguemnt weddings are too but you can invite friends family & all of the internet too!

#2 Elopements are legal just like a regular wedding, within a few parameters (see my blog posts)

#3 Depending on your plans a planner (or even a travel planner, see blog!) can take SO MUCH stress out of your planning.

East Coast Elopements



Being in the Southeast there is no shortage of amazing venues and secluded spots to host your special day. From white sandy beaches to a snowy mountain cabin and everything in between. 

When you hire a photographer for your elopement they'll most likely have insight that will help you plan your elopement so that it's unforgettable. From permits for photographing in certain areas to knowing hidden places for a dreamy portrait session or plate for exchanging vows. We're also more likely to know what areas to avoid at certain times of the year whether it's due to tourist takeovers or something else. Like, a pine forest wedding may sound like a dream but consider your perfume of choice will most likely be cutter bug spray. 

I've written a blog about different venues in which to host your elopement or small wedding. keep scrolling to my Wedding/elopement specific blogs below or see all of my blog posts here.

As your photographer

I want to do more than just show up, take photos, deliver them, and never hear from you again. I love building relationships with my clients and want to be more than just your 1 time photographer. I aim to build friendships and be there to capture all of your milestones!


Need more Info? 

I've written a few blogs exclusively about different types of small weddings / elopements, & planning and problems you might face. 

If you're unsure whether elopements are right for you please contact me! I'm happy to help you figure it out, whether it's grabbing a coffee, zoom call, or just texting. No pressure to hire me, I just want you to have the perfect wedding experience. 🖤

Not sure I'm a good fit? You hardly know me after all!  Click Here to go to my About me page then let's set something up!

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