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Hey Mama

I Just want to let you know that I hold maternity sessions close to my heart. 

I have twin girls and the whole time I was pregnant my husband worked out of state so I took regular photos. a LOT of them. Now I barely remember what it's like to not have little ones running around!

Remembering this time is so important. The little kicks, coming up with a name, even the weird pregnancy cravings. 

jacksonville maternity photography-2.jpg

So, let's get you dressed up and feeling like the goddess you are right now (even if you feel more like a whale) and pamper yourself because it's absolutely worth it to remember this fleeting memory. 

IMG_1385 copy.jpg

If you want a special exclusive experience I have a 2.5 acre property for my clients! I have an outdoor tub on my property, hidden away in a private corner. A large old-growth oak tree with a swing, a private pond (with a cute canoe!), a mini pine forest, and an open field all available to use. You can see it in photos on my site or check out my instagram reels for clips of it.

Using my property gives the added benefit of being close to a private place to change, a clean restroom, and somewhere to get out of the Florida heat and rest. 

Another indoor option is renting a space like an air b&b or staying cozy at home, maybe showing off your nursery

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