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Photo Editing & Restoration

Professional Restorations to faded, torn, or otherwise damaged photos

I love bringing old photos back to life. It started out when this photo below (of me! so cute 🥰) was damaged in storage so I learned how to fix it myself. Scanned it in and worked on it for a few hours and I realized I actually am pretty good at it! So I took a few more old family photos and fixed them as well and well... its history from there 😂


I can restore faded, grainy, too dark, poor quality, torn, cracked, water damaged, wrinkled, missing pieces, stained,  colorizing b&w photos, removing people, changing backgrounds,  and more...

How to Deliver

Options for delivering your photos include:


  •  postal mail - postage is not included in estimates

  • scanning and emailing (highly recommended)

  •  or if you don't have a scanner you can take a large , good quality photo of the image (this is the least recommended due to skewing, dust, and being the most difficult to transfer fine details)

Pricing varies depending on the amount of work needed. Contact me for rates

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