Let's start picturing your day...

I've included 3 different timelines to help give you an idea of what your day could look like. I left the specific location out so that you could put the location you've been thinking about in the description. Since timelines look different for everyone I've included full day, half day , and multiple day timelines

Timeline 1 - Hiking Adventure


A relaxing private day and a gorgeous hike to a spot you'll literally never forget. 

12pm: Bride & Groom arrive at your mountainside Airbnb

12:30: Hanging out on the porch with a view, snacking maybe a glass of wine and video chatting loved ones

1:30: Time to get ready! You can do this together, or separately, with or without a first look.

2pm: Let's go for a walk to a beautiful spot for your first look or some beautiful photos

2:30: Last-minute packing and heading out the door

3:15: Arrive at the location and hit the trail in your wedding clothes, hiking boots, and packs! 

4:30: Snack break 

5:00: Continue hiking, exploring, relaxing, talking, kissing, smelling wildflowers

5:30: This is it! Say your vows on the lake shore during golden hour

6:30: Watch the sun set together on your wedding day. Then start heading back

Timeline 2 Half Day wedding


Small wedding with guests and hiking to an oasis

2pm: Meet at a local spot (coffee shop perhaps?)

2:30: Head to the location together

3:30: A simple ceremony in a beautiful spot, with some guest photos afterwards

4pm: Your guests head back, and we continue on the trail

4:30: Hiking and exploring! We can head to another location or explore near by for portraits. Maybe pull out some celebratory cake 

7pm: Take in one last view of the sun setting on your wedding day. We gather our stuff and start heading back,

Short but oh so sweet!

Timeline 3 A multiple day adventure


A wonderful weekend get away to get married, and we'll be there to document the whole thing. This is the perfect way to balance a true-to-you adventure one day with community and celebration the next. 

Day 1

3pm: We meet up in a cool spot! We'll explore for a while, checking out the surroundings and mentally preparing for the next steps

5pm: Head into town for coffee or ice cream or both, pick up supplies for dinner at a farmers market

5:45: Back at your b&b, have your favorite dinner, alone or surrounded by family

6:30: Dinner, dessert and a shared bottle of wine relaxing on a balcony/porch

7:30: Winding down and prepping for tomorrow

Day 2: Your wedding day!

10am: Coffees & relaxing on the porch. This would be a great time to exchange your wedding gifts. 

11am: We'll head out to an amazing local spot

1pm: Break for lunch, you do your thing and we'll do ours!

3pm: Meet up with family & friends to get ready, apart or together

4pm: First looks or photos together

4:30: We'll kick the ceremony off and then do some portraits of the whole gang

5pm: Head back to the B&B for a catered dinner 

6pm: Bonfire, dancing, & drinks all around!

7:30: We'll ditch the fam and head back down to the beach to catch the last rays of light before sunset on your first day of marriage.

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